American Cultural Imperialism, Losing Hearts and Minds

“It doesn’t take long, living outside the Western liberal bubble, to discern how much hatred the United States is drawing to itself for its cultural imperialism having to do with LGBT,” Rod Dreher writes — Through Gritted Teeth, A Good Word For Qatar World Cup Censors. Excerpts:

In summer of 2021, I spoke with two women who are Catholic members of parliament in Uganda, who told me that the US is pushing Africa into the arms of Communist China over its insistence that the Africans affirm LGBT as a condition for aid. We are religious people, the Ugandans said, and this is against our culture. This is a form of imperialism.

Here in the more conservative countries of Europe’s Eastern half, the resentment of the US (and western Europe) on this point is strong and growing, at least based on the conversations I have in my travels… Most people seem to be reasonably tolerant. They just don’t want their kids to be force-fed LGBT ideology in schools, and don’t want their countries to do as Western countries do, and make LGBT a cause for public worship, especially in the month of June. Naturally that is not enough for the West, which presumes to lecture the rest of the world about its own backwardness when it comes to homosexuals and transgenders….

What is it about the LGBT issue that is so important to liberals and progressives that it releases them from any requirement that they show respect to those who disagree? You know how leftists tell the rest of us that at Thanksgiving, we have a moral obligation to lecture our racist or otherwise bigoted relatives about their own evil? This is how they see the rest of the world, at least when it comes to homosexuality and transgenderism (but not racism, interestingly, which I suppose is too complicated for them to figure out, especially in countries without white people in them). For the left, the totalitarian principle saying The Personal Is Political goes doubleplus when it comes to all things LGBT….

But basic principles of respect say that when you are a guest in another country — say, for a sporting event — you ought to treat your hosts with some regard. It is not unreasonable for your hosts to expect that when you come to their country, you will not act as if you were in London or New York, and insult them publicly for their religious and cultural values….

The United States is a country where we castrate young males and cut the breasts off of young females, and call it liberation. We are a country where it is considered moral progress to bring in deviant men who dress like women, and have them read to children modern fairy tales teaching them to question their bodies and their sexual identities. We are ruled by an elite class that treats LGBT culture as sacred, and that celebrates its way of life in commerce, in advertising, in education, and everywhere it can possibly be inculcated into the rhythms of daily life….

But see, it’s the dastardly Qataris, with their traditional Islamic values, who are the real problem, according to the Left.

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