Free New Amsterdam!

I heard of this almost three-month-old local news just today — Break liberals’ grip on New York by splitting state into 3 regions, Republican proposes.

A Republican state lawmaker proposes slicing New York into three autonomous regions in order to end the stranglehold that New York City liberals have on the rest of the Empire State.

David DiPietro, a former mayor of East Aurora and now the assemblyman for New York’s 147th District, even introduced a bill last month to divide the state after witnessing mismanagement by Democrats in New York City who pass policies at the expense of residents in other communities.

The proposed bill would divide the state into three regions, each controlled by a governor and legislature. But unlike in California, where secessionist movements frequently pop up, DiPietro’s bill would keep the sovereignty of the broader state intact.


According to the outlet, the bill would create three regions, one including New York City and its boroughs, a second – dubbed the Montauk region – consisting of the downstate counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland and Westchester, and the rest of the state named “New Amsterdam.”

Of course, this is something we Upstaters have long wanted. It has also prompted a rebranding of this blog, a I have for some time been wanted to distance myself from the heretical overtones that “Burned-Over District” invokes.

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