Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei Sung by Fraumünster-Vocalsolisten, Directed by Jörg Ulrich Busch

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Fyodor Mikhailovich on Russia vs. the West

“Russia has none of the ‘messianic fervor’ of Western states such as the US, its foreign minister said this week, as the nations’ leaders prepare to meet,” reports Paul Robinson in this excellent piece — Soviet collapse taught Russians the danger of being a messianic superpower. Biden makes it clear America hasn’t learnt the lesson.

He begins:

The author Fyodor Dostoevsky had a grand vision for the country. Russia, he believed, would lead the West back to Christ and bring about “universal, spiritual reconciliation.” This it could do, he felt, because its people supposedly had a “capability for high synthesis, a gift for universal reconcilability.”

The Russian, Dostoevsky wrote, “gets along with everyone and is accustomed to all. He sympathizes with all that is human, regardless of nationality, blood, and soil.” By contrast, those on the other side of the continent, the novelist added, “find a universal human ideal in themselves and by their own power, and therefore they altogether harm themselves and their cause.”

Russians, in other words, seek to reconcile all, while Westerners believe their own ideals are universal and seek to spread them everywhere.

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William Byrd’s Pavan Sir William Petre Performed by Kit Armstrong

Part of “a remarkable legacy of works originally written for organ or the virginal” forming an “immeasurable contribution to keyboard music” from a composer who died a century before the piano was born.

“Kit Armstrong sees Byrd as having been inspired by the ‘great eternal world’ rather than his inner self. Byrd, he continues, was a man of unshakeable strength of character. ‘He was a decent fellow and that comes across in his music.'”

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Xi Van Fleet vs. America’s Red Guards

One minute of truth spoken to the country’s richest county’s school board — Chinese Immigrant Mother: Critical Race Theory Is American Version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

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Hungary Goes Full Russia

God bless her — Hungary plans to ban ‘promoting’ homosexuality to under-18s. “The legislation prohibits making pornographic content available to anyone under the age of 18, ‘as well as content that depicts sexuality for its own sake, or promotes or displays deviations from the identity of the sex of birth, gender reassignment or homosexuality.”

Let us recall the “Hungarian Prophesy” of St. Padre Pio:

Hungary is like a cage, out of which someday a beautiful bird will take flight. Much suffering still lies ahead for them, but in all of Europe their part will be of unparalleled glory. I envy the Hungarians, because through them a great joy will someday flood over the human race.

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Szent Efrém Férfikar Sing “Down in the River to Pray”

The Hungarian Greek Catholic Church‘s St. Ephraim Male Choir sings “Down in the River to Pray,” “a traditional American song variously described as a Christian folk hymn, an African-American spiritual, an Appalachian song, and a southern gospel song,” whose “exact origin… is unknown.”

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János Boksay’s Mnohaja Leta from Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom Sung by Szent Efrém Férfikar

The Hungarian Greek Catholic Church‘s St. Ephraim Male Choir sings a piece from “the Subcarpathian priest and composer.”

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Arvo Pärt’s Fratres Performed by Simone Porter, Eric Jacobsen, & The Greater Bridgeport Symphony

Like commenter Carpathian Psychonaut, “I was caught a little off guard as Simone goes in haaaard in that opening (such wonderful fire to that to kick things off) but I love the fact that a piece played and heard so often still retains the ability to carry that human inflection and surprise.”

Carpathian Psychonaut

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Johann Sebastian Bach’s Bourée 1 and 2 from Overture in the French Style Performed by Andrew von Oeyen

Says the pianist, “I was drawn back to Bach because his music expressed – perhaps more than any other composer – the clearest sense of order in a chaotic world.’

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If There Is Hope, It Lies With Hockey Fans

“The national level sport with the least Americans in it is consistently the most pro-America,” says a commenter to The Rubin Report posting “Nicole Raviv’s singing of the national anthem at Nassau Coliseum [being] overpowered by the singing of the Islanders fans” — This National Anthem Moment Will Give You Shivers.

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