Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, “Eroica,” Arranged for Chamber Ensembles by Ferdinand Ries, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Frederik Deitz & Carl Friedrich Ebers, Performed by Members of the WDR Symphony Orchestra

The “the conventions of classical performance [of] ‘traditional’ white male composers being introduced with only surnames, full names for everyone else, especially women and composers of color,” since it is disparate, must also be racist and sexist — Slate: Beethoven Has a First Name.

“It’s almost as if more people have heard of Beethoven than of Davone Tines or Igee Dieudonne (who is a white guy),” writes Steve Sailer. “And it’s almost as if the Eroica Symphony is ‘better’ than this 3 minute composition by Davóne Tines and Igee Dieudonné.”

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“A Guide to Our Stupid News Cycle”

The evangelical satirists nail it again — Babylon Bee’s “Dummies Guide” To Our Stupid News Cycle.

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The Threat to America

Is not on the other side of the world but across the border — Mexico seizes industrial-scale meth, fentanyl lab in capital.

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Those South Korean Flu Shot Deaths

Take this story with a grain of salt — South Korean authorities stick to flu vaccine plan after deaths rise to 48.

Thus far, “no direct link between the flu shots and the 26 deaths that have been investigated” has been established and “20 initial autopsy results from the police and the National Forensic Service showed that 13 people died of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other disorders not caused by the vaccination.” Correlation is not causation.

Fan death, we should remember, the “belief that running an electric fan in a closed room with unopened or no windows will cause death,” “persists to this day in Korea.” Correlation is not causation.

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Will a Lockdown on Humor Follow?

“[S]ome dabble in widespread conspiracy theories” — TikTokers are pretending to have horrible side-effects from COVID-19 vaccines. The posts are jokey, but medical experts say they can encourage real anti-vaxx views.

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The “Asians Are Anti-Black Racists” Meme

The real violence goes in the other direction — Feds: In 2018, Blacks Violently Victimized Asians 275+ Times as Often as Asians Violently Victimized Blacks.

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Harris’s Hinduism

    In Indian society we go by birth…We are Brahmins, that is the top caste. Please do not confuse this with class, which is only about money. For Brahmins, the bloodline is the most important. My family, named Gopalan, goes back more than 1,000 years.

Thus spake her mother, quoted here — Kamala Harris: Racism Begins at Home. We also learn that her parents’ “marriage collapsed when Kamala was five and, after a contentious divorce, her mother took charge of raising her daughters” and, “underst[anding] her daughters would never pass for Brahmins and would face harsh racial discrimination in her native India,” “made a conscious decision to abandon racist India and raise her daughters as Blacks in far more tolerant North America.” More:

    Given the brutal racial realities of the Hindu caste system, it is surprising that Kamala continues to embrace the religion. While running for California Attorney General in 2010, she asked her aunt in India to smash 108 coconuts for a blessing at the local Hindu temple in her grandparent’s upscale seaside neighborhood of Besant Nagar. Winning the race by a slim margin, Kamala told her aunt that, “For every coconut you broke, I got 1,000 votes” [Deep Chennai roots: When Kamala thanked aunt for breaking coconuts at Adyar temple, DTNext, India, Aug 13,2020]. Her 2014 wedding to L.A. lawyer Douglas Emhoff combined Jewish and Hindu ceremonies including the traditional Varmala garland exchange and mangala sutra. There are no mention of Christian rites in her wedding despite Kamala’s claim to be a Baptist.
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Biden’s Brain

Be afraid, be very afraid — In Bizarre Freudian Slip, Biden Brags About Assembling “Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization In History” & Joe Biden Forgets Trump’s Name Again, Claims He Is Running Against “George Bush”.

Be afraid because a Democrat win would mean a President Harris perhaps immediately. She was the candidate who was supposed to win the primary, as a “woman of color,” but failed to garner any support. Running poor Joe with her had second on the ticket is their way of getting the desired result.

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Prelates and Pope

“Every true Catholic, every true Catholic priest, every true Catholic bishop must with deep sorrow and a weeping heart regret and protest” — Bishop Schneider calls faithful to pray for Pope Francis to ‘convert’.

“In extraordinary times, we can hear a Pope deceive the faithful; see Princes of the Church accused of crimes that in other times would have aroused horror and been met with severe punishment; witness in our churches liturgical rites that seem to have been invented by Cranmer’s perverse mind; see Prelates process the unclean idol of the pachamama into St. Peter’s Basilica; and hear the Vicar of Christ apologize to the worshippers of that simulacrum if a Catholic dares to throw it into the Tiber” — Archbishop Viganò sees evidence ‘that the end times are now approaching before our eyes’.

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Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber’s Missa Alleluia in C Major à 36 Voci Performed by St. Florianer Sängerknaben & Ars Antiqua Austria, Directed by Gunar Letzbor

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