Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit Perform “Cumberland Gap,” “If We Were Vampires,” & “Hope the High Road”

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Did “Souls to the Polls” Defeat Judge Roy Moore?

We know the results — Doug Jones Wins Alabama — No Thanks To White People.

We learn that “Jones’s campaign made the decision to fund… get-out-the-vote efforts” such as “grills outside polling stations” and “[b]uses, minivans, and taxicabs… taking people to the polls” — How Black Voters Lifted Doug Jones Over Roy Moore. “How Doug Jones Lifted Black Voters Over Roy Moore” might be a better title for the article.

We wonder if these Democrat-funded buses were coming from Black churches, as has been happening for many years now — Black Churches Send “Souls to the Polls”.

None dare call it a violation of the separation clause.

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Ely Cathedral Choir Sing Sarah MacDonald’s Arrangement of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

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Bangladeshi Bomber Triggered By Christmas

The failed mass-murderer “picked the specific hallway because of Christmas posters,” we read — Port Authority bombing suspect targeted hallway because of Christmas posters.

He could have just stayed home or immigrated to Saudi Arabia. Instead, we invite him and his ilk to chain migrate into what was once Christendom.

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Commander-in-Chief Trumped by Deep Statist Pentagon

“The Pentagon said Monday that transgender people can enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1” — Transgender troops can enlist, over Trump’s demand for a ban.

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White Genocide Stalled

A report on a study finding that “Trump was more likely to win counties where the middle-aged white death rates increased significantly from 1999 until 2016 than his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton” — Could death rates have swung the 2016 election?

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Google Doodle Honors Three Dead White European Males!

I was surprised to see Jan Ingenhousz, pictured at the top, a couple days ago, and then even more surprised to see him followed by Robert Koch and Max Born. I honestly do not recall ever seeing a single white face so honored. What’s going on?

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