Tuomo & Markus Perform “Over The Rooftops,” “Life Leaving Your Body,” “Land of Real Men,” “Don’t Shut Down Your Radio,” & “Jack Straw”

“Nordic Americana!” With Tuomo Prättälä‘s three umlauts, you’d think they’d play heavy metal. The last number, a Grateful Dead cover, is particularly awesome.

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Rebuking the President At His Finest Hour

Scoring cheap diversity “brownie points” (pun intended) by denouncing the president for his nuanced observation that there “some very fine people on both sides” is truly deplorable (pun also intended), although I will allow that there may be “some very fine people” on this list, too — The People in Trump’s Orbit Who Rebuked Him After Charlottesville.

Such cynical virtue signalling is as badthan actually believing that everyone marching to defend the statue of Robert E. Lee was evil. It takes genuine courage these days to acknowledge that there are “some very fine people on both sides” of any issue.

Said Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, “the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts”

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SSV Game

For eclipses, at a cost of 50¢ and five minutes, build one of the bad boys pictured above, a Safe Solar Viewer, set it up at a STEAM fields school, and sit back as they come.

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Mother of Satan vs. The Holy Family

“The Barcelona terror gang planned to use an explosive known as the Mother of Satan to target the city’s historic Sagrada Familia cathedral,” we learn here — Barcelona killers’ monstrous ‘Mother of Satan’ bomb was meant for terrorist ‘spectacular’ at Gaudi’s world famous cathedral.

I had thought that “mother of satan” might be some twisted theology from the Islamic heresy, but it turns out it is just a nickname for acetone peroxide.

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President Chump Cucks to the War Party

Post-Bannon Trump, duped by neocons, continues the fool policies of his two fool predecessors. Steve Bannon‘s Breitbart News Network covers:

Not one more American penny. Not one more drop of American blood.

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Lisa Hannigan Performs “Little Bird,” “Fall,” “Prayer for the Dying,” “O Sleep,” “We, the Drowned,” “Passenger,” “Snow,” & “Anahorish”

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Neo-liberal Supremacism

Danielle Ryan, Irish freelance writer, journalist and media analyst, writing for RT, calls out “the failure of the counter-protesters to acknowledge… the scourge of American exceptionalism, imperialism and exportation of fascism that has plagued the rest of the world for decades,” rightly saying “that many of the so-called lovers of peace and equality are the biggest supporters of this version of supremacy,” we read here — Here’s another kind of ‘supremacism’ Americans should care about. She continues:

I’m not talking about the proudly violent ‘Antifa’ here. Their own fascist tendencies are on display for anyone to see. I’m talking about the regular counter-protesters. The ones who march peacefully for equality. The ones whose hearts hurt and who shed tears when they think of the injustices of America. The ones who went to the Women’s March. The ones who voted for Hillary Clinton. The ones who regard themselves as inherently good. The bleeding heart liberals who make up a significant portion of the Democratic Party in the US.

Yes, I’m talking about those because they are a bigger problem than a bunch of violent Antifa protesters flinging bottles of urine at police officers. Why? Because this contingent has happily and blindly supported politicians who advocate US imperialism and all the violence and inequality that goes with it.

This kind of supremacy is sanctioned and acceptable. It is roundly approved and authorized by neoliberals and neoconservatives alike. It is, essentially, what makes up their entire foreign policy philosophy as Americans.

American exceptionalism is a sanctioned form of supremacy, one which says it is perfectly alright for ‘good’ Americans to advocate and engage in the violent invasions of foreign nations in all corners of the globe, from Latin America to the Middle East, to East Asia. Americans participate in public debate about whether or not they should overthrow the government in whichever hapless country is next on their own government’s hit list. This rarely strikes them as odd or wrong, or even unusual. This kind of supremacy is so ingrained and commonplace that most Americans barely even acknowledge it as such.

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