J.S. Bach’s Cantata Gott, man lobet dich in der Stille, Performed by Maria Keohane, Damien Guillon, Valerio Contaldo, Lionel Meunier and the Netherlands Bach Society, Directed by Jos van Veldhoven

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Papal Fallibility

The Remnant Newspaper‘s Robert J. Siscoe explains some traditionalist inside baseball — The Infallibility of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Magisterium.

“One of the more dangerous errors facing well-meaning Catholics today is extending infallibility beyond the limits taught by the Church,” he begins. He concludes by quoting Bishop Vinzenz Gasser from the First Vatican Council, with words that ring true today:

But what happens if disagreements arise among the particular Churches and are followed by controversies about the faith? Then, according to Vincent of Lerins, one must have recourse to the consent of antiquity, that is, to Scripture and the holy Fathers; and, from the consent of antiquity, differences in present preaching are to be resolved.

That is what Catholics should do during the present crisis. Don’t expect clarity to come from the Pope or hierarchy anytime soon – nemo dat quod non habet (one can’t give what they don’t have). Until the day of sanity and clarity returns, Catholics should look to antiquity, and believe what Catholics have always believed. In other words, they should follow the teaching of St. Paul by standing fast and holding to tradition (2 Thess. 2:14) which, as St. Vincent of Lerins rightly teaches, “can never be led astray by any lying novelty.”

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Defending Our Freedoms in Foreign Wars of Choice?

A Laurence M. Vance reader ain’t buying that line — Unanswerable Questions:

I have found that there are three questions that are unanswerable concerning the military being the protector of freedom.

1) If the military had not invaded ____ or overthrown the government of ____ or intervened in the conflict between ____ and ____, which freedoms would we have lost?

2) Military personnel take an oath to defend the Constitution. How can they defend the Constitution if the very wars they engage in are unconstitutional?

3) If the military protects and defends our freedoms, why have we consistently become less free?

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Neither Spanish Nor Flu?

Questions raised about the pandemic of 1918-1919 that killed 50-100 million — Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?

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The Lone Bellow Performs “Time’s Always Leaving,” “The Restless” & “For What It’s Worth”

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An article on the magazine that “prides itself on publishing ‘dangerous’ ideas other outlets won’t touch” — The Voice of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’.

The Z Man’s thoughts on this are enlightening — The Potemkin Resistance. An excerpt:

Calling the people involved “intellectuals” is pretentious, but pretending they operate in the shadows is silly. The point of casting them that way is to give them credibility with people who have walked away from conventional conservatism and especially libertarianism. This is just an elaborate honey trap designed to lure people over from this side of the divide.

Of course, their contempt for the rest of us gets the better of them. They are calling this thing “the intellectual dark web” as a poke in the eye at the people they truly fear. It’s the same reason Jonah Goldberg called is latest book “Suicide of the West.” It is a sneering contempt born from self-loathing. These are people who embrace all the shibboleths of the prevailing orthodoxy, not because they necessarily believe them or even understand them, but because they lack the intellectual firepower to build a coherent response.

Just as the demand for Nazis vastly exceeds the supply, and therefore the Left manufactures them, the need for a buffer zone between themselves and the dissidents requires them to build this wall called Quillette. They envision the “intellectual dark web” to function like a force field. The “dark web” will supply complaint opponents who will say their lines and take their beatings, in exchange for a one percent lifestyle. They will also actively police the boundary between what is acceptable what is “not who we are.”

Indeed. I can sympathize with Ms. Lehmann’s saying, “I would identify with the left if they were a little more old-school in their advocacy for workers.” This statement shows how unright she is about things: “I think because I’m Australian, and I take so many things for granted like universal health care, access to abortion, and we don’t have guns everywhere.”

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Climate Alarmism Debunked

By “a mathematician and climate contrarian [who] has uncovered a scientific error” — Researchers walk back major ocean warming result. Telling that the author has to begin by explaining to her readers, “This is good news.”

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