Billy Strings and Molly Tuttle Perform “To Lay Me Down”

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First They Came for Fan Bingbing

The Chicoms’ latest — China’s Chilling ‘Social Credit System’ Is Straight Out of Dystopian Sci-Fi, And It’s Already Switched On — has claimed it’s first victim, who came in “dead last in ‘social responsibility'” in a “survey” — China’s Top Actress Fan Bingbing Disappears, State Media Says She Awaits ‘Legal Judgment’

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Bob Weir Performs “Jack Straw”

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Federweißer in America’s Rhineland

I am fortunate to live in the Finger Lakes AVA, America’s Rheinhessen, as this story reminds me — Federweisser: A light, frothy one-day-only Finger Lakes wine.

The name means “feather white” in German. It’s partly fermented wine juice taken from early in the harvest — sweet, low in alcohol, with a cloudy look to it. It’s tangy and fizzy, light and frothy.

“It drinks like a hard cider and pairs perfectly with German fare,” said Peter Becraft, head winemaker at Anthony Road, just off Route 14 south of Geneva, overlooking Seneca Lake.

And sure enough, the 17th annual Federweisser Festival at Anthony Road Saturday (Sept. 22) will feature bratwurst, sauerkraut, German potato salad and more to accompany the flowing Federweisser.

The festival is noon to 5 p.m. at Anthony Road, 1020 Anthony Road. It also features BBQ, live music and a bake sale to benefit the Keuka Comfort Care Home in Penn Yan. Admission is free; food and drink available for purchase.

Federweisser made its way to the Finger Lakes via former Anthony Road winemaker Johannes Reinhardt, who grew up in a wine-making family in southern Germany. Federweisser is a harvest-time tradition there, spawning festivals through the region.

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97.9% of Puerto Ricans Disagree…

… with the Westchester County wunderkindPuerto Rico is ‘still a US colony’ and deserves self-determination, says Ocasio-Cortez. In 2016, only 2.1% of Puerto Ricans wanted self-determination by voting for the Puerto Rican Independence Party.

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Low Testosterone and Low Sperm Counts

Dr. Mercola on what’s to blame and what’s at stake — Phthalate Exposure Threatens Human Survival.

The good doctor gives close to 20 tips to “protect your family’s reproductive health,” correctly using a term that has come to mean contraception, sterilization, and abortion.

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Trump Right and Hillary Wrong About War and Peace

She voted for it — Trump Weighs In On The Single Worst Mistake In American History. ‘Twas “going into the Middle East, by President Bush,” stated His Excellency.

Our current president may well be the first to escape Noam Chomsky observation: “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.

We were by the grace of God spared a Hillary presidency, but she should nit be spared from the gallows, for her crime of voting for a war of aggression in Iraq and initiating them in Libya and Syria. She has the blood of millions on her hands, not to mention debts of trillions our kids will pay for generations.

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