Kaia Kater Performs “Paradise Fell”

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Mr. Vindman Is a Dick

Every enlisted service member in the United States military just looked at this guy and said, what a dick! That arrogance is why he believed he could dictate foreign policy over President.

So tweeted Bernard Kerik, quoted here — Alexander Vindman Cuts Off Devin Nunes: ‘It’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman Please’.

From the article:

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT), himself an Army veteran, questioned Vindman about his request later during the hearing.

“Very quickly — I’m curious when Ranking Member Nunes referred to you as Mr. Vindman, you quickly corrected him and wanted to be called Lt. Col. Vindman — do you always insist on civilians calling you by your military rank?” Stewart asked.

Vindman responded, “Mr. Stewart, Rep. Stewart, I’m in uniform wearing my military rank. I just thought it would be appropriate to stick with that.”

However, when Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY) said “Mr. Vindman,” Vindman did not request that he call him “Lt. Col. Vindman.”

Stewart also noted that Vindman was wearing his military dress uniform despite not normally wearing one to the White House.

“Lt. Col. Vindman, I see you’re wearing your dress uniform, knowing that’s not the uniform of the day — you normally wear a suit to the White House,” he said.

Josh Hammer rightly opines, “The commander in chief ought to fire Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who serves on the National Security Council, for rank insubordination” — Alexander Vindman condemned himself in his impeachment testimony.

None dare suspect this Ukrainian-born Jew of having dual loyalties.

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Frank LaRocca’s “Mass of the Americas” Sung by the Benedict XVI Choir, Directed by Richard Sparks

During this “Solemn Pontifical High Mass honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary under her titles of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception (the Patroness of Mexico and all of the Americas, and the Patroness of the United States) was celebrated in Latin by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco” — Exclusive photos: Witness the breathtaking Mass of the Americas in Washington, DC.

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Calexico and Iron & Wine Perform “Father Mountain,” “Midnight Sun,” “He Lays in the Reins” & “Bring On The Dancing Horses”

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Existential Therapy

It “explores the darkest corners and craggy edges of the many-sided self” — The awe of being alive. Author Kirk J. Schneider speaks from experience:

My earliest memory is a gauzy image of my parents weeping on the living room couch. That was when I was two and a half years old, and my seven-year-old brother Kelly had just passed away. It was 1959, and the combination of chicken pox and pneumonia proved too much for an otherwise radiant and vigorous child. The explosion of this event in the collective psyche of our family cannot be lucidly grasped. The most I can say is that the parents I knew before the event were dimly recognisable in its crushing aftermath. The warm and playful sibling I knew – the smiling leader – was vanquished, and in his place yawned an unrelenting void, a pit of rage, sorrow and terror.

By three years old, I was imploding. My defences were all but expired. I had night terrors and I had tantrums. I was panicked and I was lost – floundering, tailspinning into a helpless and paranoid world.

Given that ordeal, I’m fairly certain that if I had the same experience today that I’d had in 1959, I would be hastily pacified by drugs. Instead, my parents sat with me back then. They did all they could to talk me through my battles and, eventually, at age five, they referred me to a psychoanalyst. This psychoanalyst helped to turn my life around; for although I continued to have profound fears and outbursts, he helped me to work through rather than mask over these potentially restorative maladies. Greatest of all, he was a rock-solid presence who enabled me to say or feel anything. I was hanging on by a thread, but he remained a pillar, steadfast and supportive, until I passed through the storm.

Yet today, how many children are encouraged to work through their torment – or even to supplement their medication with an emotionally supportive encounter? How many are granted the time and money to do so? Few, I would venture. But what most are encouraged to do is to ingest antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds and a variety of mood-stabilisers. While these remedies can at times be lifesaving, too often they are pushed by pharmaceutical companies and insurers more concerned with profit margins than the enduring care of people and people’s own resources to live the life they seek.

I wonder how I would have turned out if I had been treated by today’s standard. I wonder if I would have experienced the rigours of being alone, or being challenged, as I was by my analyst, to develop inner resources such as my creativity, curiosity and imagination. He encouraged me to reflect on the bases for my fears and to move at my own pace. He respected me and my capacities, which in turn spurred me to create drawings, stories and thoughts about life’s puzzlements; or to venture out into uncertain terrains, relationships and ideas, which I eventually did after much tussling and even further therapy.

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Woke Capitalist Pigs

Michael Rectenwald nails it — This is the BIG reason why corporate America has gone woke (plus 4 more):

Wokeness is itself part of globalist capitalism. Leftist politics are perfectly compatible with and supportive of the agendas of global corporate giants. Global corporations and leftist activists want the very same things:

· Globalism – or, in Marxist terms, “internationalism” – has always been a goal of the left and it has become a goal of multinational corporations. The latter extend their markets far and wide while the former think it advances the Marxist objective of “workers of the world unite!”

· Unrestricted immigration: Provides cheap labor for corporations and makes leftists feel politically edgy and morally superior for being anti-racists who welcome everyone – whatever their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation – including Mexican gang members running drugs and children? – into the country, but not to camp out in their living rooms.

· Transgenderism or polygenderism, the leading edge of leftist identity politics, is also good for business. It creates new niche markets for corporate products, keeps the workforce divided, and distracts leftists with daily arcana and absurdities.

· Getting rid of nations, stable gender, the family, Western culture and (why not?) Christianity – the hallmarks of leftist “progress” and avant garde politicking – also advances global corporatist objectives, removing any remaining obstacles to global corporate dominance.

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Elliott Smith Performs “Waltz #2”

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