Good Riddance, Atticus Finch

Khaleda Rahman reports some long-overdue news — Schools Drop ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ From Reading List After Race Complaint.

To be clear, this “does not ban the book from being taught, and it remains on the district-approved novel list,” it has just been “remove[d] the book from the required reading list.”

One of the reasons cited is that “the novel celebrates white saviorhood.” Agreed! The White Savior Complex is one thing (among many) that we and black nationalists can agree on. The white liberal is our common enemy.

Other reasons cited were that the novel “marginalizes characters of color,” which is beside the point since the book was written by, about, and for non-persons of color, and that it “features the ‘n-word’ almost 50 times,” which also misses the point because the word was employed to paint a negative picture of Dixie so Yankees could indulge their sanctimoniousness.

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