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Rehabilitating Pluto

“The reason Pluto lost its planet status is not valid,” begins this welcome news story — New research suggest Pluto should be reclassified as a planet.

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A Triumph of Latin American Science!

By researchers surnamed Förster, Maass, and Heathcote — Chilean scientists discover crucial event right before the death of a star.

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I.Q. Realism

Noting “the correlation between low IQ and an enhanced risk of criminal offending [and] given the scarcity of well-paid jobs for those with an IQ of below 84,” Wael Taji argues that it is “irresponsible to ignore the specific difficulties … Continue reading

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Act of God Against an Antichrist?

A researcher suggests that the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora played a hand in defeating Napoleon, the first Antichrist, reported on here — How a volcano helped defeat Napoleon at Waterloo.

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Anthropogenic Climate Change or Volcanism?

Sorry algore, it is the latter that is behind “the single biggest contributor to global sea-level rise” — Volcano discovered under fastest-melting Antarctic glacier. “The presence of an active volcanic heat source beneath the world’s fastest-melting glacier is a disturbing … Continue reading

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Herpetologists Gone Wild

A local conference presentation titled “The Excitement of River Turtles from the Mississippi to the Amazon” aroused too much excitement for some — Risqué photos cause controversy at turtle and fish conference. The “longtime researcher of Brazilian turtles, showed several … Continue reading

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“We Are Living in New Bayesian Age”

So begins David Papineau his piece — Thomas Bayes and the crisis in science. An excerpt: Applications of Bayesian probability are taking over our lives. Doctors, lawyers, engineers and financiers use computerized Bayesian networks to aid their decision-making. Psychologists and … Continue reading

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What Do Women Want?

“Benevolent sexists,” according a recent study — Women are hard-wired to find well-meaning sexist men MORE attractive because they think they will be protected and provided for, finds study. “The scientists” themselves, however, rather unscientifically “maintain that, despite romantic and … Continue reading

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“Stop Letting Them Pull the Plug on Your People”

Thus spake, rightly so, Mrs. Nailah Winkfield, who “battl[ed] for more than four years to keep a comatose daughter declared brain dead from being issued a California death certificate” — Mother of Jahi McMath, girl declared dead twice, slams doctors … Continue reading

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Embryology, Not Theology, Teaches That Life Begins at Conception

“Every human life, like every canine and bovine life, begins at conception,” the late, great Joseph Sobran, wrote in 1979, and “embryology has learned far more than Aristotle or Aquinas could have guessed about this” — On Imposing One’s Views. … Continue reading

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