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Libtards Could Care Less About Trump’s Choice of Modal

This blogger’s erudite exposé yesterday titled “Discourse Analysis Suggests Trump Did Indeed Misspeak” silenced the national debate over his use of “would” or “wouldn’t” to the extent that his choice of “couldn’t” over “could” went unnoticed today — Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Discourse Analysis Suggests Trump Did Indeed Misspeak

The field of Applied Linguistics, which “involve[s] solving some language-related problem or addressing some language-related concern,” provides insights into that one sentence the president uttered in Helsinki that spawned a hissy fit among the political and journalistic classes and even … Continue reading

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Kiryas Joel, NY

The village tops this list — These 32 towns have the smallest English-speaking populations in Upstate NY — with the following stats: English-speaking population: 1,256 (7.7%) Population: 16,316 Most-spoken non-English language: Yiddish Population: 14,252 (87.3%)

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Russiagate Conspiracy Peddlers’ Linguistic Trickery

CounterPuncher Sheldon Richman notes the “big difference between Russians and the Russians” when assigning blame and what it means when they falsely claim without evidence that “Russia or Moscow or the Kremlin did such and such” — The Grammar of … Continue reading

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P’yŏngch’ang Games

McCune–Reischauer romanization holdout that I am, I will use this post’s title to correct the Olympic venue not far from my old Far Eastern stomping grounds — PyeongChang games could be record cold- but why? The good news is that … Continue reading

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Recursion, Linguistic Evolution, Consciousness, the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, and I.Q.

At Nautilus, Julie Sedivy on “[t]he surprising forces influencing the complexity of the language we speak and write” — The Rise and Fall of the English Sentence. Noting those “scientists [who] have argued that recursion, a technique that allows chunks … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Bowing to Politically Correct Pressure Ends Up Right

As in this story, in which we learn, “Instead of fiesta, organizers of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival will stick with festival” — Organizers adjust Saranac Lake Winter Carnival theme for cultural sensitivity. Why? The theme “Adirondack Fiesta,” was announced … Continue reading

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A Legacy of Russian America

From Ninilchik, Alaska comes this — Russian language’s most isolated dialect found in Alaska.

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"The Anatolian Hypothesis"

“By using novel methods developed for tracing the origins of virus outbreaks,” it has gained some support, reports Hristio Boytchev — Researchers identify present day Turkey as origin of Indo-European languages. An excerpt: Based on archeological data, it states that … Continue reading

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Old Church Slavonic and Black English Vernacular

The Young Fogey looks ay “the aspective, the difference between one time only and a state of being,” in Russian grammar, and notes that “Black American English has it too: he workin’, ‘he’s at work’, and he be workin’, ‘he … Continue reading

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