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Africanized, a.k.a Killer, Bees

They’re finally here — Woman In Critical Condition After Being Stung Over 200 Times by Africanized Bees. If you grew up in the ’70’s like I did, you grew up hearing of their imminent arrival, although we learned of them … Continue reading

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How the Catholic Church Made Us W.E.I.R.D.

Not mentioned in Thomas Woods‘ tome How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization was recent research suggesting that “the peculiarity of populations that are Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic (WEIRD)… arose historically from the Catholic Church’s marriage and family … Continue reading

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How Islam Retards Development (Pun Intended)

Steve Sailer posts an academic article attempting to answer an important question — Why Did the Islamic World Fall So Far Behind? The abstract: This essay critically evaluates the analytic literature concerned with causal connections between Islam and economic performance. … Continue reading

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Is Lactose Intolerance a Social Construct?

A local speaker rightly argues that “the government-issued food pyramid and related dietary guidelines have overlooked and misserved the country’s minorities through a series of decisions fairly subtle to the casual observer, but with a significant impact nonetheless” — Policy … Continue reading

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“That Which Cannot Be Said”

The Old Grey Lady “dare[s] venture into this ‘There Be Dragons’ territory on the intellectual map” — Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web. The opening paragraphs: Here are some things that you will hear when you sit down … Continue reading

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Physiognomy Is Real

“Body shape, hairiness, eye width, finger length, even how big a woman’s breasts are . . . these and much else are windows into personality, intelligence or both,” writes the University of Oulu‘s Edward Dutton author of a book that … Continue reading

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Sins of the Father of Genes of the Father?

A headline from the DailyMail,as only the DailyMail can write headlines — EXCLUSIVE: How Tiger Woods was tricked into dumping his first love, became a $1 million Vegas gambler and embraced the womanizing ways of his cheating father who played … Continue reading

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Intelligence Trumps Temperament

I took this Big Five Personality Test this morning and scored high in “openness” (I’m curious) and low in “conscientiousness” (I’m lazy), which Prof. Jordan Peterson has said are the classic markers of the libtard. I reflected a few seconds … Continue reading

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Scientific Inquiry Stifled at Magnet School

Some questions are verboten — City School’s Science Fair Project on Racial IQ Sparks Outrage. The outrageous hypothesis: “If the average IQs of blacks, Southeast Asians, and Hispanics are lower than the average IQs of non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians, … Continue reading

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Eyes of a Sociopath

A similar “unique kind of deadness, hollowness, and hardness” to that one sees in the female thousand cock stare is seen in the eyes of the above-pictured White Hispanic and subject of this story — This is the maniac charged … Continue reading

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