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The First P.O.T.U.S. in Seven Decades…

… to realize an obvious truth — Trump says U.S. shouldn’t be spending money on ‘war games’ with South Korea.

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White Dicks in Korea

“As much of a dick as I am, I couldn’t imagine moving to Korea and harassing everyone about their evil doctrine of Korean supremacy,” writes Jim Goad in his take-down of Sarah Jeong, here — Rise of the Social Justice … Continue reading

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Sorry libs, but it’s working — North Korea reportedly dismantling key missile launch site & North Korea returns remains of soldiers missing since Korean War.

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Sexual Politics and Yemeni “Refugees” in Korea

It seems from this report that Korean women, unlike their legs-spread welcoming European counterparts, are leading the opposition to taking in these military-aged males who claim to be refugees. Is this due to the feminine modesty and chastity that are … Continue reading

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South Korea’s Yemeni “Refugee” Crisis

The missus informed me of the arrival of 500 Yemeni men to her homeland’s holiday island. What can one say of military age men who flee a war-torn country leaving their women and children to fend for themselves? Not much. … Continue reading

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When Politics Trumps Peace

The “hard left” CounterPunch has a series of articles on the Democrats’ pathetic, self-serving response to the 2018 North Korea–United States summit, which was hailed by world leaders from the Secretary-General of the U.N. to the President of South Korea: … Continue reading

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Ancient Persian-Korean Ties

“More than a thousand years before the first European explorer reached Korea’s shores, the Persian Empire was writing love stories about Korean princesses,” we read — The 1,500-Year-Old Love Story Between a Persian Prince and a Korean Princess that Could … Continue reading

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Loose Neocon Cannon in the White House?

Two paleolibertarians ask — Will Bolton Kill Korea Peace Deal? and Did John Bolton Leak Intelligence To Sabotage a Trump-Kim Deal? Mr. President, you know what to say: “You’re fired.”

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Raimondo vs. Kristof

The editor takes on a pundit who “exemplifies the single-minded arrogance of the ‘humanitarian’ interventionists” — Nicholas Kristof, Korea, and the Orientalist Temptation. “It’s people like Kristof that libertarian author Isabel Paterson warned us against when she wrote about … Continue reading

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Why Do Korean Girl Groups Dye Their Hair Blonde?

Because White people, it must be, if we follow ‘s exegesis of this Old Gray Lady article — NYT: Why Are Asian Girls Suddenly Forced to Dye Their Hair Blonde? Because America Has Too Many White People! Mr. Sailer counts … Continue reading

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