Western Bolshevism

“The Soviet way of disguising tyranny as some of the core values is used by the Western left,” Tomasz Łysiak writes — The leftist way of thinking has its roots in Soviet Russia. An excerpt:

Disguised as tolerance, equality, and social justice, this wave of leftist revolution is a form of hidden tyranny. Through this dominant worldview, it forces a way of thinking that is one-dimensional and in line with the rules enforced.

It works on people’s consciousness all over the planet, manipulating minds, creating puppets who thoughtlessly fulfill the will of liberal elites. It dismisses the core values that once constituted the world’s Western democracies. The use of the past tense is justified here, as these values do not constitute them anymore.

Worst of all, obedience is enforced by terror. The simplest tool is the whip of social exclusion: “If you do not think like us, we will destroy you, remove you, exclude you from all our mutual projects and activities.”

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