Actress Anne Heche Declared Dead Before Dying

Pictured above at the age of Christ, the lovely Anne Heche “has died of a brain injury and severe burns,” LAist reports, while acknowledging that “her heart is still beating, and she has not been taken off life support” — Anne Heche Legally Dead At 53, A Week After A Fiery Car Crash.

We also learn that “an organ procurement company is working to see if the actress is a match for organ donation, and that determination could be made as early as Saturday or as late as next Tuesday,” meaning that the legally dead woman will be kept on life support until the company can determine what, if any, profit can be made off her oragans.

E. Christian Brugger at National Catholic Register recently and rightly argued “that there is reasonable doubt that all ventilated BD bodies are dead; where such doubt is present, moral certainty is lacking; in the absence of moral certainty, we ought to treat them as if they were alive unless and until such certainty has been reached” — Living or Not Living? That Is the Question.

May God rest her soul.

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