The Derb Testifies on the Arbery Trial

Nailing it, of course — JOHN DERBYSHIRE: The Arbery Show Trial Begins—More Human Sacrifices To Appease The BLM Gods. Some facts:

The McMichaels, father and son, and Bryan, their neighbor, were attempting a citizens’ arrest—legal in Georgia at the time—of Arbery, a young black man with felony convictions who was on probation at the time….

That’s not all Arbery was on. Post mortem toxicology reports indicate he was stoned at the time of the encounter. And as well as being on something, he was also off something different: the drug Zyprexa, a psychiatric medication to control violent and aggressive behavior.

Arbery had been prescribed Zyprexa after his probation officer had recommended psychiatric evaluation. However, the toxicology report showed no trace of Zyprexa in his system. He was literally off his meds.

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