Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Voskres Iz Groba from All-Night Vigil Sung by The Clarion Choir, Directed by Steven Fox

    Voskres iz groba, i uzy rasterzal yesi ada:
    Razrushil yesi os uzhdeniye smerti, Gospodi,
    Vsya ot setey vraga izbavivy.
    Yavivy zhe sebe apostolom Tvoim, poslal yesi na propoved’,
    I temi mir Tvoy podal yesi vselenney,
    Yedine mnogo milostive.

    Thou didst rise from the tomb, and burst the bonds of hell.
    Thou didst destroy the condemnation of death, O Lord,
    releasing all mankind from the snares of the enemy.
    Thou didst show Thyself to Thine Apostles, and didst send them forth to proclaim Thee;
    And through them Thou has granted Thy peace to the world.
    O Thou who art plenteous in mercy.

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