Crazytown, U.S.A.

The Z Man notes, “The American ruling class is littered with very bright people who fall for one hoax after another” — Everyday Lunacy.

“What explains these insanities that are insults to the American people’s intelligence?” Victor Davis Hanson asks, providing a list absurdities that “invoke almost no popular outrage from a somnolent public” — The Symptoms of Our Insanity.

Noting that “ours today is a world of cancel culture and QAnon” and that “the reality that the world today is not the world he might have imagined it would be a generation ago, as irrationalities and superstitions spread like ideological pandemics on social media,” Razib Khan reviews “[t]he psychologist[‘s] increasingly lonely battle against fanaticism” — How rational is Steven Pinker’s world?

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