Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.2 Performed by Chloe Chua & the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Directed by Hans Graf

“Singapore’s winsome darling of the violin, Chloe Chua,” is not, as far as I know, to related to “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua, for whom, Sandra Tsing Loh told us in Sympathy for the Tiger Moms, “the violin has always symbolized not just ‘respect for hierarchy, standards, and expertise’ (she’s a regular Edmund Burke; not a bad thing), but ‘excellence, refinement, and depth—the opposite of shopping malls, megasized Cokes, teenage clothes, and crass consumerism.'” Chloe Chua surely has a “tiger mom” of her own.

“Singapore’s winsome darling of the violin” begs the question, when did America last have a “winsome darling” of anything, much less the violin?

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