Deathbed Conversions to Catholicism

My father, Ronald, is in need of one. I ask for your prayers. Some links:

A deathbed conversion is not a cop-out,” writes Francis Phillips, mentioning “some people whose conversions [he] did know about – Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley, Kenneth Clark and King Charles II – and others that [he] didn’t, such as John Wayne, Buffalo Bill and Gary Cooper.”

Some of those on his lists in further detail — The Amazing Deathbed Conversion of Oscar Wilde, The Little-Known Story of John Wayne’s Deathbed Conversion to Catholicism, The Secret Deathbed Catholic Conversion of the King of England.

In addition to Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull and Doc Holiday make this list — 5 Famous Deathbed Conversions. Linked to is the original April 13, 1883 New York Times article — SITTING BULL BECOMES A CATHOLIC.

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