Prot Thots

Dalrock has two rather depressing posts about how deep toxic feminist ideology has infiltrated “conservative” Protestantism.

The first reports “that ‘complementarian’ wives are twice as likely as other women to divorce their husbands for viewing pornography” — They’re too traditional to stay married. Commenter Darwinian Arminian observes, “The default state of today’s modern woman is that not only is she her own highest priority, she should be yours as well, and that all of society (including religion) should be arranged to accommodate her in this belief.”

Linked to is a 2011 post in which after noting “that most churches [sic] talk like Christ but act like Oprah on the issue of divorce,” he says, “The fundamental problem is that Christian women are being given get out of marriage free cards while Christian men are being told man up and marry these Christian women” — Warn men: Beware Christian marriage doublespeak and hair trigger for wife initiated divorce.

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