Sometimes, Bowing to Politically Correct Pressure Ends Up Right

As in this story, in which we learn, “Instead of fiesta, organizers of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival will stick with festival” — Organizers adjust Saranac Lake Winter Carnival theme for cultural sensitivity. Why?

The theme “Adirondack Fiesta,” was announced in the spring for the February 2018 event, according to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Some community members felt the “fiesta” theme could lend itself to trouble if a few in the community might dress up in ways offensive to Latinos.

Winter Carnival Committee Chairman Jeff Branch told the Enterprise that the Facebook debate on the theme got so ugly that organizers closed down the option to comment.

So, organizers settled on this winter’s theme as “Adirondack Festival.”

Whatever the reason, why use a Spanish word when we have a perfectly good English word? “Festival” also has the benefit of being a cognate in the language of bordering Quebec to the north.

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